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Yoga on the Ball Continuing Education Class

Date: TBA


A stability ball can be a great addition to any level yoga class! If you're looking to change things up in your traditional yoga class and provide challenges with a new/different prop, this is a great training and a wonderful addition to your teaching tools.

You'll learn safe & effective use of the stability ball in a yoga class and use of the stability ball as a prop. You will learn the proper use of the stability ball in a variety of yoga poses and learn how to create safe and effective classes using the stability ball and inclusive cueing. 


Stability balls and other props provided, but you're welcome to bring your own.



  • Explain safety & use of the stability ball in a yoga class

  • Explain the benefits of practicing with the stability ball as a prop

  • Demonstrate proper use of the stability ball in a variety of yoga poses

  • Create safe and effective classes using the stability ball





15 MIN Introductions

15 MIN Ball specifics, safety

45 MIN Yoga on the Ball Class- All Levels


90 MIN Pose Breakdown, Teaching Methodology, Anatomy, Alignment and the Ball


45 MIN Yoga for Balance and Strength Class- For seniors and those with physical challenges

60 MIN Pose Breakdown, Teaching Methodology, Anatomy, Alignment and the Ball

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Questions: contact Cari at or call 336-324-5516

Barre 108 Continuing Education: The best of yoga and ballet at the barre


COST: $175


Connecting to the barre…presence in motion. Barre 108 is a fusion of ballet, yoga and traditional barre fitness. In this training, you’ll experience a full barre + yoga class, we’ll review learning styles, inclusive language/teaching, planes of motion and active alignment, learn ballet terms and positions, class planning in the Barre 108 and traditional barre class style, and practice teaching. You’ll have all the information you need to begin offering a barre + yoga fusion and/or traditional barre fitness class.


It is highly recommended that you have experience teaching group fitness classes and have obtained certification as a yoga teacher and/or group fitness instructor/personal trainer to feel confident teaching this program. 8 CE offered through Yoga Alliance.

QUESTIONS: or call 336-324-5516 (no text)

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About the instructor: An intermittent practitioner of yoga over a span of 20+ years, Cari(ann) further strengthened her personal commitment as well as her professional  belief of yoga's role in wellness in 2015 through YogaFit's Level One yoga teacher training program and completed her 200-hour yoga teacher certification in July 2016. Completing Yoga Alliance's requirement for certification as an e-RYT (experienced registered yoga teacher), Cariann has instructed over 1400 hours of private, group and community based yoga and fitness classes in Alamance County, NC.

Cariann trained in Pilates Mat Level 1 for Rehabilitation through the APPI and BARRE Above in 2017, Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga in 2018, and most recently participated in Mindful Yin Yoga and Insight Meditation trainings. She earned a Certified Group Fitness Instructor credential through the Athletics & Fitness Association of America (AFAA) in 2018 to further support a balanced approach to wellness.

Cari offers a variety of classes from relaxing to challenging.   Cariann offers group and private yoga and fitness classes designed for introducing her students to the benefits of yoga and mindful fitness. She enjoys integrating her background in nursing  and massage therapy into classes that encourage each student to find their own perfect balance, their own perfect practice in a multi-optioned flow of poses during each class. Drawing from over 20 years in the nursing and massage therapy professions, Cari's classes focus on breathwork, building poses slowly and individually and using a multi-optioned flow of poses for a safe and effective practice.

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