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Downtown Yoga & Barre

Cariann Stafford, LPN, LMBT, e-RYT 200, CGFI



Burlington, NC  27215



EMAIL: (this is usually the best/quickest way to contact me)

Because the nature of my practice keeps me away from email/voicemail/texts for prolonged periods, please allow 48 business hours for a response!

Frequently asked questions & other info:

Can I Practice Yoga If I'm Not Flexible?
YES! Much like we can take golf lessons if we aren't already golfers, anyBODY can practice yoga. There are many options available to those less flexible, such as props (blankets, blocks and bolsters), and utilizing different options within a pose. As you continue in your practice, you may find that a regular practice loosens you up much is different for all folks and depends on your body structure and how often you practice.  Come in and see how your body feels after a class!

What Do I Need to Begin?
Bring your body and an open mind! We have mats and anything you may need during your class.  As you continue in your practice, we encourage you to purchase your own mat.  IF YOU JUST BOUGHT A NEW MAT, OPEN IT UP, WASH IT OFF AND AIR IT OUT BEFORE BRINGING IT INTO THE STUDIO. Some mats have a very strong smell when new and may require being open outside for a while before using it. You may bring a bottle of water and a towel (if you're a sweat-er, or taking a sweaty class).  If your water container has condensation on the outside, please put something under it to help protect our floors.  


What Do I Wear?

Wear something comfortable and easy to move in, such as leggings, sweat pants, yoga pants, and a t-shirt, sweatshirt or tank top. Pick clothes that aren't too loose or baggy, just comfy. You'll be barefoot, but some folks like to wear socks during parts of the practice.  REFRAIN FROM WEARING ANY PERFUME OR SPRAYS TO CLASS....some of us may be sensitive, and if several of us each wear a different one....UGH!.....wear your "smell good" stuff outside of the studio.

​Should I Eat Before Class?
We'll be twisting, turning upside down, and bending forward and backward, depending on the class you sign up for. If you've recently eaten, you may feel some major stomach upset!  Everyone's digestive system works a little differently, but a general rule of thumb is to eat 2-3 hours prior to a class.  If you typically get hungry or weak while exercising, try a ​light snack  about 30 minutes to an hour before class.

Do I Need To Register Prior To Class?

Yes?  Our studio holds a max of 16 and some classes may be full.  Pre-registering reserves your space in the class.  On the other end of the spectrum, if nobody is registered 2 hours prior to a class, the instructor may opt to cancel it and we'd hate for you to show up to an empty studio!  Let us know you're coming and we'll be there and make sure there's room for you!  Please note that if nobody is registered for a morning class at 7 PM the night prior, the class may be cancelled. Cancelled classes will show on the schedule with an orange box after it stating "CLASS CANCELLED". 

Should I Arrive Early?

Yes!  Because of the layout of our studio, we lock the front door after class has started to prevent walk-ins during class.  Arriving at least 5 minutes prior to class start time allows time for you to settle in and chat before class. Routinely arriving late to a class disrupts the flow, but if  something comes up and you're running late, call or text the instructor and let her know.  If this is your first class, please arrive at least 10 minutes early to fill out a short health history form prior to class.

What Happens When I Arrive Downtown For A Class?

1. Hi!  Come on in and put anything you don't need for your practice in one of the little cubbies at the front of the studio.  Please take your shoes off before entering the practice space to help keep the floors clean...after all, we'll all be laying on it soon! 


3. Pick a spot.  If you've brought a mat with you, lay it down where you're most comfortable. . If you didn't bring a mat, we've got some available at the front of the practice space. The only person that will be visible on the livestream during class will be the teacher.

4. Settle in. If you brought a water bottle with you, place something under it if there's condensation on the outside, to help protect our floors.  Some folks like to do a little stretching prior to class.  We are a super friendly studio, and everyone knows each other's names, so many times there's a lot of chatting prior to class. If you have challenges with kneeling on the floor, grab a blanket or an extra mat for padding. The blankets,, blocks, bolsters and straps are stored in the practice space near where you enter the studio practice area.

5. Get your practice on.  Let us know if anything is uncomfortable during the practice and we can help modify it for you, or tweak your alignment.  No pain no gain does not work here!  Finding a comfortable challenge and comfortable stretch is more in line with our philosophy....that doesn't mean than we won't work up a sweat, depending on which class you attend, but take care of your body and don't push past your limits.

6. What??? Class is over already?? Your instructor will let you know whether to keep the mats and props in place for the next class, or to put them away so that we can send our robot vacuum, Roomba out to clean. If you used one of our mats, please wipe it down with a wipe we provide so that its clean for the next student.  

7. Come back soon!  How often you practice depends on several things such as timing & finances, but practice a few times a week to begin with and go from there!  

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