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The concept behind our Mindful Flow Yoga class is that the mind is projected toward specfic areas of the body, and that these areas can manifest as physical symptoms. Each area of the body, known as a Chakra, is responsible for different behaviors and values and help regulate the body. Represented as a different color of the rainbow, every Chakra is also associated with one of the 5 Elements (fire, water, earth, air, spirit). When one of these areas are blocked, emotional, mental and physical imbalances can occur and these manifest in symptoms like anxiety, lethargy, digestive and other health issues.  Through the use of specific asanas (poses), pranayama (breathwork), mudra (hand gestures/poses) and meditation, the intention of this class is to restore balance in these areas. Each class will have a different focus and is appropriate for all levels.

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2nd floor 216 E Front St, Burlington, NC, USA

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